Year 6 Applications for High School

I have been asked to forward this message on to all of our parents who have children in Year 6.

‘Can you please remind all Yr 6 that the closing date is Friday. We will not accept late applications they will be considered after those received on time whatever the circumstances.  We already have 3 secondary schools with more applications than places.’

Christine Roberts – School Admissions


Sports Week!

Here are some more pictures/videos from today’s sessions.  All the children have thoroughly enjoyed all of the sports and we hope we have inspired some of them to take part in something different!img_0273img_0274img_0275

PDG and EIG Grants

As a school we receive grants to aid man developments n school and it is a statutory require of schools to publish their plan for both the ‘Pupil Deprivation Grant’ (PDG) and the Education Improvement Grant (EIG).  Please follow this link for access to this plan.