Internet Safety!!

This message was sent from another Head teacher in Flintshire – please be careful.

‘Today we had a worrying issue with one of our Year 1 children uploading an inappropriate video at home of herself onto You tube. It was done in innocence and she was copying a dance video. However it was picked up by the FBI in California!!!! and so the police and social services have been here all morning.

The police asked me to contact all Heads to remind parents to ensure all the parental settings are in place on all their devices and to keep checking what their children are doing on line. ‘

Uniform Grants for Year 6/7

The take up for the  Welsh Government Uniform Grant for Year 7 pupils starting Secondary School in September is bit slow – any assistance you can give to publicise it amongst Year 6’s would be appreciated. Eligibility is based on entitlement to free school meals and the amount of grant is £105 per child.

I have a few basic information leaflets supplied by Welsh Government to give out – please let me know if you need a supply to discreetly disseminate.

Forms are available either on the FCC website

or from Janice Hughes –




Y3 – Village Walk

Just a quick reminder about the Year 3 village walk tomorrow.  Could the children please come to school in non-uniform.  They all need to bring a packed lunch please, in a rucksack or shoulder bag so that it can be carried easily.  Please also ensure that they have plenty to drink, bring suncream and have appropriate footwear.  A waterproof will also be needed in case of a change in the weather!


Mr Guy