Year 6 WWII Dance

Year 6 spent Tuesday afternoon working on a dance/drama activity which encompassed several different scenes from WWII.  The video demonstrates the following:

  1.  Declaration of war
  2. Going down to the shelter
  3. Keeping our spirits up
  4. thinking of our dads fighting in the war
  5. all clear – seeing the


Well done to all children for producing such a heartfelt performance in such a short time – thank you.

Important information about reductions to school budgets!

You may have read in the press that schools are continually facing reductions in support services, however until recently school’s delegated budgets have been reasonably stable.  Please take the time to read the attached document regarding cuts in every school’s budget for 2018/19.  Grants will be reduced by 10% and there will not be any money included in school’s budget to cover inflation, rises in utility costs along with 1% increase in staff wages.  A public meeting has been organised for Thursday 18th January at 2pm in the Delyn room at County Hall, Mold.


Report Education Scrutiny Schools Budgets Report 01