Fairer Funding For Flintshire

Please read this message we received last night from our Director of Education.

Dear Colleagues

As you know, we have been developing a campaign strategy to encourage Welsh Government to increase the amount of money Flintshire will receive through the funding settlement. What has been announced so far, you will recall, is a catastrophic 1% cut to the base Revenue Support Grant, which puts our already difficult budget position further into the red by another £1.9m, increasing the budget gap for 2019-20 to £15.3m. Pressures related to the Teachers’ Pay award and employer contributions for teachers’ pensions are still not fully funded.

Tomorrow – Tuesday 2Oth November – is our #BackTheAsk campaign day here in Flintshire. It is also the Local Government Association #OurDay campaign celebrating all the people who keep our communities running and there will be a series of tweets during the day, highlighting many council services here in Flintshire. These services are all at risk if we do not get more funding.

#BackTheAsk is designed to keep the pressure on Welsh Government to pass through all the additional funding they have received from the UK government through to councils, as they promised that local government would be ‘first in the queue’ for this money to support vital services. We are all clear that critical services for children, young people and the elderly/vulnerable are at serious risk if additional funding is not given to the Council to protect them. We know how much stress this ongoing austerity is causing you as school leaders and the frustrating thing is that Welsh Government does have the funding available to relieve some of the pressure. We need to encourage them to improve the settlement before the final budget is announced on 19th December.

This #BackTheAsk campaign has the full support of the Welsh Local Government Association as well as local MPs and many local Assembly Members. We are looking for your support and are urging you to use your social media platforms to ‘like’, ’reply’ and ‘retweet’ our tweets from the Council as many times as you can during the day, actively encouraging your staff, governors and parents to do the same. Ensure you use the #BackTheAsk campaign by including it in all retweets and pledge your support. We would also like you to sign up via the Flintshire County Council website to support the campaign and encourage your communities to do likewise. At lunchtime tomorrow, officers and elected members will be signing a dedicated campaign wall at County Hall ahead of full Council and if you are passing, from 2pm onwards, you would be welcome to come and add your signature.

Time is running out for a fairer funding for Flintshire and all Welsh councils. Help us keep the pressure on Welsh Government to give us more funding for our schools and core services.

Pledge your support tomorrow #BackTheAsk

Support the delivery of the vast range of council services that support all sections of our community and celebrate #OurDay

Log onto http://www.flintshire.gov.uk/OurFlintshire19-20

Spread the word!!!

Many thanks for your support.