Funding for Schools!

Dear member

Yesterday NAHT Cymru launched a petition to Welsh Government calling for them to re-think the draft budget for 2020-21.

As it stands, the current draft does nothing to repair the damage caused by years of austerity.

Budget ‘highlights’ include £25m for the new curriculum, which is all well and good, but when school staffing is at an all-time low, questions have to be raised on how deliverable the new framework is.

£15m on staff training will not go far enough to support the workforce who will need training to support the new curriculum.

£8m additional funding for ALN, but with more that 120,000 children and young people registered having additional learning needs, £8m equates to roughly £66 additional funding per child.

Finance Minister Rebecca Evans AM gave a statement on the draft budget yesterday, and AMs had their first opportunity to raise questions on that budget.

The scrutiny process is ongoing, but now is the time to act and put pressure on AMs to deliver more funding for our schools.

We are asking you as school leaders, your staff, parents, friends and relatives to join us and sign this online petition and back our pleas for further funding.

Please feel free to share this petition on social media to try and gather as much support as possible.

Many thanks