COVID-19 Update 3 (Free School Meals)

Dear Parents/Guardians

This morning I have received the following guidance from Fliitshire C.C. regarding those children who are entitled to Free School Meals.

Free School Meal Learners group is Flintshire’s next priority and they have a cross-council team developing a model of distribution to pupils who are entitled. Their AIM is to have this up and running from Wednesday 25th March. They will not be expecting e-fsm pupils to visit the schools for their lunch as this defeats the object of social distancing and increases risk of the virus being transmitted. They have the data of where all our entitled pupils live and they are developing a model of delivery that gets their food to them as directly as possible. There will be further communications about this early next week.

For those who are entitled please inform school if you have not received communication regarding this by Wednesday 25th March and I will endeavor to help.

Kind Regards

Mr Jones

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