Easter Holidays

Dear Parents and Pupils,

Glad to see so many of you enjoying the work that the teachers have set for you..

In case you may have forgotten, schools break up for Easter tomorrow. I know we are not in school and everything is a little strange at the moment, but I have some good news!!

Head Teachers in Flintshire have been talking and we have all decided that you should all still have an Easter holiday. So from this Friday, 3rd April, you can all have 2 weeks off from doing school work at home.

Teachers will not be working with you for the Easter holidays because they need a break too. You can finish off work set if you like, or you can close the computer and do absolutely nothing.

For those of you who like being practical, I have attached some simple STEM activities that you may like t complete over the holiday. Feel free up copy the school in on @ysgolestyn if you complete any of these fun tasks.

To keep whoever is looking after you happy however, you all need to do one thing over these two weeks!

Tidy your rooms please!!!!

Have fun and stay safe. We will see you back to ‘work’ again from Monday, 20th April.

Kind Regards

Mr Jones

Family Fun!!

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