Ysgol Estyn

Additional Learning Needs - ALN

ALN Lead

At Ysgol Estyn we believe all children are unique, with their own strengths and interests. We always look for the positives and encourage children to follow their interests and achieve their potential. If children face challenges to their learning and progress, due to academic, social or behavioural reasons, we work hard with the child and family to support them. In line with the Welsh Government Additional Learning Needs code of practice, this is developed through a child centred approach. Often the needs of child are met through classroom differentiation, carefully planned resources and Teacher/Teaching Assistant support. Where children have specific needs, they may need a ‘boost’. Children may receive daily extra support with reading, spelling or maths and access small group and individual intervention programmes such as ‘direct phonics’ or RM maths. These interventions are constantly reviewed and the impact of the intervention assessed. Children may then continue with the programme or move to a different intervention. Discussions between Head Teacher, Class Teacher, child and ALN Co ensure children receive the right support at the right time.

If a child is deemed to have a significant learning need, they may need to access Additional Learning Provision (ALP). If ALP is required, the child will have an Individual Learning Plan (IDP). This outlines the child’s needs, objectives to achieve progress and details of the ALP the child will receive. Parents and children will be involved at all stages and the IDP will be reviewed annually to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the pupil. This is a legal responsibility of the school and ensures adherence to the ALN code of practice.

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