Ysgol Estyn

Our Curriculum

A curriculum should be considered as the ‘heart’ of any school. Our curriculum is our vision to ensure our children are ambitious, enterprising, ethical and healthy citizens.  All skills are delivered through our exciting and engaging curriculum.

Everything in our curriculum is underpinned by the 4 Core purposes.  We ensure we cover the 6 Areas of Learning and Experience and the What Matters Statements whilst being aware of the learners progression steps.  At Ysgol Estyn we believe our Curriculum to look like this: 

(These are the skills that the parents at Ysgol Estyn feel are most valuable to their children becoming life long learners.)

4 Purposes of the curriculum

‘Ambitious, Capable Learners’. ‘Enterprising, Creative Contributors’. ‘Healthy, Confident Individuals’. ‘Ethical Informed Individuals’.

Progression Steps/Achievement Outcomes – For learners at age 5, 8, 11, 15.  Reference points for each individual ‘I can….’ ‘I have….’

The Curriculum for Wales core purposes are at the heart of our curriculum at Ysgol Estyn.

The 4 core purposes are:

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