COVID-19 Update 6

COVID-19 Update 6 (More Key Worker Info)

Recent confirmation from Welsh Governoment

The Government has confirmed that Youth Offending Teams are among those who will be classed as key workers as part of the response to COVID-19. Details of these roles are listed below.

The key worker roles include: ·

Youth offending teams ·

All staff working in prisons (including the Youth Custody Service) ·

Probation staff including: o

NPS and CRC staff (all grades) o

Probation staff in Courts ·

Approved Premises and Bail Accommodation & Support Service (BASS) staff including: o

Double Waking Night Cover (DWNC) o

Contracted services ·

Electronic Monitoring staff ·

Prisoner/ immigration detainee transportation · Victim support providers – contract or grant-funded · Third sector employees working in prison or probation, whose work is key to frontline delivery

COVID-19 Update 5 (Flintshire Statement)

Flintshire County Council statement to explain access to emergency childcare provision for key workers classified as ‘vital’ workers, provision of free school meals, and support for vulnerable learners.

To limit the spread of COVID-19 it is important that, as far as possible, social contact is minimised.

Parents need to keep their children at home wherever possible and schools/settings should be open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.

Only children whose parents are critical to the Covid-19 response should be offered places in schools/settings when there is no safe, alternative provision.

FOR THE WEEK COMMENCING 23rd MARCH Flintshire Headteachers have been advised to prioritise the allocation of places to children of parents who meet the following criteria:-

· Category 1 – a single parent with a role on the list defined as critical to the Covid-19 response from Welsh Government

· Category 2 – where both parents have roles on this list

· Category 3 – a parent from a family unit who does not qualify under categories 1 and 2 above, and has a role on this list, and where there is an explicable and genuine reason why they need to access provision.

Headteachers may use their discretion for this third category – provided that they have sufficient provision – as they know their families’ circumstances best.

Should there be insufficient provision due to the requirements of social distancing, Headteachers have been advised by the Council to refuse admittance to the children of the third category above and liaise with their neighbouring headteachers to offer a place close by where this is possible.

Alternative provision is in being made for children entitled to free school meals and will be introduced shortly. This group SHOULD NOT attend their local schools this week unless their parent(s) fall under the above categories 1-3. Further communication will follow.

Provision for children classed as vulnerable is also being planned. When this is ready to start further communications will be issued.

COVID-19 Update 3 (Free School Meals)

Dear Parents/Guardians

This morning I have received the following guidance from Fliitshire C.C. regarding those children who are entitled to Free School Meals.

Free School Meal Learners group is Flintshire’s next priority and they have a cross-council team developing a model of distribution to pupils who are entitled. Their AIM is to have this up and running from Wednesday 25th March. They will not be expecting e-fsm pupils to visit the schools for their lunch as this defeats the object of social distancing and increases risk of the virus being transmitted. They have the data of where all our entitled pupils live and they are developing a model of delivery that gets their food to them as directly as possible. There will be further communications about this early next week.

For those who are entitled please inform school if you have not received communication regarding this by Wednesday 25th March and I will endeavor to help.

Kind Regards

Mr Jones