Ysgol Estyn

Our Digital Vision

As Digital Learning underpins today’s modern lifestyle. I t is essential that all children gain the confidence and ability that they need in this area, to prepare them for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world.

Digital Learning at Ysgol Estyn equips our children with the skills they will need to safely engage in the digital world they are entering. It will be a vehicle through which the new curriculum is supported. Through the use of the Hwb learning platform we have the tools required, to support our pupils in developing their understanding of an array of apps and tools. We make use of the SAMR model to help understand how technology can enhance the learning experiences of our children.

In order to equip our pupils with the digital skills they will inevitably need in the future; we provide purposeful learning activities for them to apply their understanding. Our pupils will have opportunities to learn how to make use of apps and tools for them to use their own creativity to show their learning.

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Our aims are:

  • For digital learning to be fully embedded into the curriculum so that it enhances learning.
  • For all children to become confident and competent users of digital devices.
  • For children and staff to have access to a range of digital resources including new emerging technologies.
  • For children to understand how to stay safe when using technology and to use technology appropriately.
  • For all staff to continually improve and develop their digital skills and to take a shared responsibility for developing digital learning and E Safety.
  • To use technology to promote links with parents and the wider community.
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